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Imagine you’re at a party and you tell someone about your business. They tell someone else, and pretty soon the entire room is talking about your business. That’s the power of word of mouth, and it’s exactly what media relations and earned media can do for your business, just on a larger scale. 

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Perfect for those just starting to build their PR and media presence. Start with a one-hour discovery session to identify your goals; custom monthly PR plan with press releases, media outreach and placement, weekly check-ins and monthly reports.
3-month commitment
Starting at $1,250


Designed for businesses that are looking to take their PR and media presence to the next level; monthly PR plan, with influencer outreach, blog placements, and beginner media training, monitoring and reporting updates.
6-month commitment
Starting at $2,000


The most comprehensive package for businesses looking to dominate the PR and media space; in addition to the Wintergreen package, this also includes media training for two spokespeople, crisis plan and reputation management.
12-month commitment
Starting at $4,000

With media relations, Stanley Spruce will work to get our clients featured in traditional and nontraditional media outlets. And with earned media, we can help you get those all-important press mentions and positive reviews from other people and businesses. It is all about building relationships and getting you in front of the right people. 

So why’s this so important for your business? It is a cost-effective way to increase your brand’s visibility! You’re leveraging the power of other people and the media, enabling you to reach audiences that you may not have known existed. 

Project Showcase

Client A
Public Relations
Looking for:
Results in the outdoor industry-specific publications to promote their outdoor recreation products
One-Year Results
230 Placements
9.6M Estimated Views
988K Social Shares
Outdoor Campaign
96 Placements
1.44M Estimated Views
11.7K Social Shares
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Client B
Public Relations
Looking for:
Results in Travel and Lesure/Lifestyle publications and media outlets
One-Year Results
68 Placements
3.34M Estimated Views
20.7K Social Shares
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Client C
Public Relations
Looking for:
Pre-event and event public relations
One-Day Event Public Relations
67 Placements
201K Estimated Views
7.57K Social Shares
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